John & Julian Lennon

The Julian Lennon Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds NFT Collection

Be apart of the story and own a piece of music history with copyright ownership in Julian Lennon's song Lucy, based on the Beatles hit Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds.

Crayon Drawing #1 Crayon Drawing #2

What's Included

You are bidding on a Copyright-Backed NFT - Upon auction completion, the unlockable content can be used to receive:

  • Digital files of the master recordings of the song and music video LUCY
  • Copyright co-ownership with Julian Lennon and exclusive worldwide rights to use, and publish the song and video LUCY
  • One of a kind original drawings created by Julian Lennon during the filming of the LUCY video
  • Lyric sheet signed by Julian Lennon
LUCY - Song & Video
Crayon Drawing #1
Drawing #1
Crayon Drawing #2
Drawing #2
Signed Lyrics
Signed Lyrics
Copyright Song / Publishing Rights
Copyright Song / Publishing Rights
Copyright Master Sound Recording (Acoustic)
Copyright Master Sound Recording (Acoustic)
Copyright Master Sound Recording (Studio)
Copyright Master Sound Recording (Studio)

The Story

Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds

John “Julian” Charles Lennon is the first son of the legendary song writer and member of the band the Beatles, John Lennon. When Julian was about 4 or 5 he brought home a drawing he had made at school of a girl named Lucy. When he showed the drawing to his father, his father asked him what the drawing was of. Julian's reply, "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds". The rest is music history. The song Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds was a huge hit for the Beatles as well as Sir Elton John, Julian’s godfather.

Years later as an adult, Julian reconnected with Lucy, and found out she was struggling with the disease Lupus and was later notified that Lucy had passed away while fighting with the disease. Thinking it would be a great way to honor Lucy's memory Julian recorded “LUCY”.

This NFT is the first of its kind linking digital art with actual ownership of original one of a kind physical art, and master sound and video recording copyrights.

A portion of the final proceeds will be donated to two non-profits, "The Lupus Foundation of America (LFA)" and the "St. Thomas Lupus Trust."

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